Different Types of Bags (20 With Pictures)

Discover the Different Types of Bags, from practical backpacks and spacious totes to stylish handbags and versatile crossbody bags. Whether for work, travel, or daily use, there’s a perfect bag for every need and occasion. Explore various styles and find the one that suits you best.

Different Types of Bags (20 With Pictures)

Here’s a more detailed look at the various types of bags, including their specific features, typical uses, and popular styles.

1. Backpack

Features- One back strap with at least one additional strap crossing on the back, and multiple pockets, it might also have lateral sternum and or waist attachments.

Typical Uses- Education, trail, journey, EDC.

Popular Styles- Community backpack, outdoor backpack, laptop backpack, style backpack.


2. Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Features- Generally unstuffed, wide, and shallow, usually comes with two continuous handles.

Typical Uses- Mall visits, business appointments, and other non-date errands.

Popular Styles- Of the types of baggage, the most commonly identified are; Canvas totes, leather totes, and reusable shopping bags.

3. Handbag

Features- Small to medium-sized with some being single-handled or single-strap and with various kinds of fastening devices (zipper, snap).

Typical Uses- Small, pervasive, and per usual, an article of personal use or a piece of clothing.

Popular Styles- Here are some of the commonly used backpacks; satchels, hobo bags, bucket bags, shoulder bags.


4. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody Bag

Features- A long and adjustable strap that is usually worn diagonally across the body over the shoulder and is sometimes accompanied by a flap or zip fastening.

Typical Uses- Adventure, traveling, walking around, hobbies strolls, business trips.

Popular Styles- Nanos, metropolitan shoulder bags, clerestory shaped, Mardi Gras.

5. Messenger Bag

Features- Large rectangular pouch with a canopy strap across the chest and a buckle-prone flap.

Typical Uses- Carrying laptop books and documents, commuting, and cycling.

Popular Styles- Leather facts, and also canvas facts, urban/commuter offers.

Messenger Bag

6. Clutch


Features- Small, with a minimalistic and messenger-like design, no handles, may come with a wrist strap or a detachable chain.

Typical Uses- Dinner parties, engagements, any occasion where you want to impress. Anytime there is no need for a backpack or hands-free bag.

Popular Styles- Hamburger clutch bag, envelope clutch bag, cosmetic clutch bag, wrist clutch bag, letterbox clutch bag, shark clutch bag, and many others.

7. Duffel Bag

Features- This bag can be of large cylindrical shape with handles and an optional shoulder strap, and the bag has a zip closure.

Typical Uses- Tourism, physical activities, and fitness training.

Popular Styles- Briefcase duffels, combination duffels, garment duffels, sports duffels, travel duffels, and weekender bags.

Duffel Bag

8. Satchel


Features- These are train cases that are structured with a flat base, usually have a flap on top that is fastened with a buckle, and come with a long strap.

Typical Uses- For example, carrying books, laptops, or any working document that has to be transported from one place to another.

Popular Styles- Leather satchels, canvas satchels, school satchels.
Leather briefcases and leather messenger bags.

9. Hobo Bag

Features- Big and full, with flared curves; slumped over; fastened with one strap across the shoulder.

Typical Uses- Also, and perhaps more commonly, it involves casual, everyday language.

Popular Styles- Contemporary leather handbags, bohemian shapes, oversized hobo handbags.

Hobo Bag

10. Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag

Features- Round bottom like a circle and it has a drawstring closure which does not have much structure.

Typical Uses- Fashion use, concealed, concealed by clothing, No-MA, hip, with clothing accessory or in pocket.

Popular Styles- Bucket bag material: leather bucket bags, boho bucket bags, small bucket bags.

11. Weekender Bag

Features- Larger, which sometimes has handles in addition to a swiveling shoulder strap, and several pockets.

Typical Uses- But they were also short trips which may be weekends way.

Popular Styles- Extended weekend trippers, occasional holiday goers, fashionable jet setters – all would require different bags: Leather weekenders, canvas weekenders, rolling duffels.

Weekender Bag

12. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

Features- The specifically designed shearling-lined pocket for a laptop, side pockets for more accessories, adjustable handles, or shoulder straps.

Typical Uses- Daily traffic, job, time spent on the road.

Popular Styles- Formal business, rag/gym/running, casual /travel, backpacks.

13. Briefcase

Features- Organized geometry, uniform, lap, and different fastening devices (locks, zippers).

Typical Uses- Official correspondents, business, commerce, offices, the workplace, etc.

Popular Styles- Leather exterior, value pricing, new ultrathin design, and hard-shell options.


14. Wristlet

Wristlet Bag

Features- Half-bottle carrier that has a long strap that fits around the wrist and is usually zipped up.

Typical Uses- Chief differentiator includes Minimalist carry and evening out).

Popular Styles- Leather wristlets, fabric wristlets, designer wristlets Leather wristlets are very popular at the moment because they are fashionable and provide a good grip for your wrist.

15. Fanny Pack

Features- A small bag, containing everything necessary for the fight, and fastened with a belt or a strap around the waist.

Typical Uses- Arts and culture, night life, travels and tourism and free time, adventure and exercises, food and drink.

Popular Styles- Cultivated athletic appeal, elegance enhancing, simplicity.

Fanny Pack

16. Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

Features- Small size, zippers are not always present, utilized materials are normally fabric or nylon.

Typical Uses- Beach, eating out, children’s games.

Popular Styles- Matches drawstrings, sporty promotional bags, fashion drawstrings.

17. Beach Bag

Features- If large and intended for use in wet climates, normally it will have an open top with a zip closure.

Typical Uses- More so, excursions at the beach, and days at the pool.

Popular Styles- Reusable bags, tote bags, umbrellas, backpacks, tote bags, fabric cases, fabric carriers, and large bags.

Beach Bag

18. Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Features- Soft cushioned back padding, many pockets for the camera and much more equipment, very sturdy fabric.

Typical Uses- A few examples of subtopics that can be developed within this topic are: Stepping off the plane and carrying the camera gear, Maxing out the camera gear allowance on the plane.

Popular Styles- Camera And Camera Cases: Professional camera backpacks, compact camera bags, sling camera bags.

19. Diaper Bag

Features- There are many pockets as compartments, the bottle pockets are insulated, there is a changing pad and the product is made of sturdy material.

Typical Uses- All things considered, the possibility of traveling to care for a baby, Carrying baby supplies.

Popular Styles- Wishbone, diaper backpacks, hip huggers, and fashion diaper bags are some of the many types of diaper bags.

Diaper Bag

20. Doctor's Bag

Doctor's Bag

Features- Structured, hinged top opening, often leather.

Typical Uses- Originally for carrying medical tools, now a fashion accessory.

Popular Styles- Vintage leather, modern interpretations, luxury brands.
Each type of bag is designed to suit different purposes, making it important to choose one based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

Different Types of Bags (FAQ)

For everyday use, a versatile crossbody bag or a spacious tote is ideal. Both offer enough space for essentials and can be easily carried throughout the day

For travel, a duffel bag or a weekender bag is perfect for short trips, while a backpack or rolling suitcase is better for longer journeys. Choose based on your packing needs and trip duration.

For formal occasions, a clutch or an envelope crossbody bag is ideal. These bags are small, stylish, and perfect for carrying minimal essentials while complementing formal attire.

Yes, many laptop bags are designed to be versatile and stylish, making them suitable for everyday use. They offer padded compartments for laptops and additional pockets for other items.

Yes, fanny packs have made a comeback and are now a trendy accessory. They are practical for hands-free carrying during travel, festivals, and outdoor activities.


Choosing the right bag enhances convenience and style for any occasion. From functional backpacks and chic crossbody bags to elegant clutches and spacious totes, there’s a perfect bag for everyone. Explore various types to find the ideal match for your lifestyle and needs, combining practicality with fashion.

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